Snowy Hydration Essence Plant Dew

Snowy hydration Essence plant dew (100ML)    


Original (AQUAPHYLINE) and (AQUALANCE)lock water technology to start water channel to create long-lasting moisturizing

Compound natural herb live, balance the state of skin, stabilize sensitive muscle

Water injection x lock water x live water 3 in One forward perfect  skin.


Start up1000 times Skin Hydration ! Maintenance of skin water balance.

$980 $1,280


Snowy hydration Essence plant dew (100ML) 


1Activated from the inside out

Add natural herbal essence ingredients to allow hydration factors to enter the skin deep

At the same time to improve the dull, fine lines problems


2.Upgrade " (AQUAPHYLINE) and (AQUALANCE)" to create protective film

Combating Climate Change Repairing skin micro-trauma mouths to soothe fragile skin makes skin problems out!


3.Three lock water mechanisms to create long-lasting moisturizing