ENSWLE's Hydration Masque

Combined content:

Plant care Aqua facial mask (five-piece into)

Once to fix moisturizing, anti-sensitive, beautiful white, bright, repair five-in-one, first aid essential!

$599 $750


Plant care Aqua facial mask


Legendary Old Tree," Peruvian Dragon Blood Essence


✔️ high multiple anti-oxygen

✔️ Deep Repair - Makes dry rough and sensitive remand darkness impossible to stay

✔️ Increase elasticity-accelerated collagen elastic in the uplift of young skin

✔️ Deep shrinks moisturizing AQUALANCEx urea x glyphosate

✔️ strict selection of special "American DuPont silk cloth"

✔️ a piece full of 30ml of essence

✔️ No Alcohol/Flavor/No Coloring/No Preservatives